The journey begins with the first step

So that Africas‘ children get a chance.

Charity is a registered, recognized charitable organization whose mission it is to assist the children and youth in Africa that are afflicted with AIDS or infected with the HIV virus. Only one year after foundation, a new project has been created, in order to help cancer suffered children in germany.

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Help in Africa Help in Germany

How did Charity come to be?

Purity Mbocho, founder and president of the organization, is a native of Kenya and knows the situation in Kenya from personal experience. P. Mbocho lived in England for several years, and then moved to Germany with her husband Volker Schaardt and their daughter. They live in Bergish Gladbach. The wish to try and do something to help the children of her homeland grew with time. P. Mbocho and her husband founded the organization in the summer of 2004 and quickly found support. The members of the board of directors include Dr. Herbert Breker and legal counselor Sabine Hohn. &Mac226;I am exstatic that we have received so much support to help the children in Kenya. I wish I could offer all these people the chance to see the joy in the childrens‘ eyes. We see this all the time when we are in Kenya. This would be a token of our thanks.‘ P. Mbocho.

Help in Germany

In Germany we want to help, too.

With a view on the poorest people in Africa , also the problems in our rich country became visible. There is help, coming from the lows of the government. But for that many (too many) cancer suffered children, this help can only be limited. Not comparable to Africa.

That is why we decided to help also in Germany only one year after foundation. From this moment we brought help, where it is needed mostly.

This is our aim, we want to reach with honorary helpers, within the posibilites, given by the important donations.

Further information about help in Germany can be found at this page: What we do – Germany.

Our team


Purity Mbocho, founder and president of the organization. Ms. Mbocho is in ongoing contact with Kenya and provides the neceassary public relations work. The other responsibilities are carried out by a local team in Kenya. This team consists of assistants and support personel. In this way it is assured that each Euro is used exclusively for the support of the afflicted children. In this way it is assured that each Euro is used exclusively for the support of the afflicted children in Afrika .

Since 08.10.2012 Mr Volker Schaardt, elected as first chairman, takes care of Help in Germany in order to assure, that all donations, meant for cancer suffered children in Germany, will reach affected children and families.


Dr. med. Katja Römer
Adrienne Morgan Hammond, who also wrote the Charity Support Song “For The Good Of The Children”.


Dalila Jabri – Miss Deutschland 2017